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  1. 海外の国・自治体・大使館等の行政職員による行政視察
  2. 行政機関以外の廃棄物処理事業に係る海外の法人、団体による視察
  3. その他、海外からの見学者(日本在住で日本語を理解できない外国人を含む)の団体(10名以上)




  • 視察日は土曜日、日曜日、祝日及び年末年始を除きます。
  • 視察開始時間は午前9時30分から午後3時までで、視察時間は1時間半程度です。
  • 費用は無料です。
  1. 「視察・見学申込書、視察者名簿」をダウンロードして、「視察・見学申込書(兼承認書)」及び「視察者名簿」を視察希望日の2週間前までに(必着)、メール又はFAXでお申込みください。(2週間前を過ぎる場合は、視察日が順次繰り延べになります。)
  2. 事務の都合上、申込書及び名簿は日本語又は英語(アルファベット)で記入してください。記入後、申込書に申込責任者が押印又はサインの上、メールの場合はPDFデータを送信してください。申込書を受理後、手続きを開始します。
  3. 視察先では職員が日本語で対応いたしますので、視察者15人に対して、1人の基準で通訳を必ず同行させてください。
  4. 視察上限人数の目安は別添一覧表(別ページへ移動します)のとおりですが、海外視察者についてはコミュニケーションが難しいとの理由により、安全上の観点から受入上限人数を引き下げる場合がありますので、ご了承ください。
  5. 見学の場合、9名以下の団体は各清掃工場の個人見学会をご利用ください。その際は通訳などの日本語理解者の同行が必要です。
  6. 申込書を受理後、視察希望先の清掃工場等と調整の上、承認印を押した申込書を承認書として、メール又はFAXでお送りします。
  7. 視察当日、承認書を印刷し、名簿のコピーとともに視察先に持参してください。引率者は当日の入場者を確認の上、名簿のチェック欄に記入し、チェック済の名簿を視察先に提出してください。
  8. 承認書の内容又は名簿の記載内容に変更のある場合、又はやむを得ずキャンセルする場合には、速やかに担当までメール又はFAXにより届け出てください。
  9. メディア等への放映や営利目的に作成する画像等の撮影の場合は事前に届け出が必要になります。














Applying for “Plant Tour/Observation” from Overseas


Who can participate in a CAT23 “Plant Tour/Observation”?

  1. Government officials of a foreign nation, municipality, and embassies.
  2. Non-governmental overseas entities (business, institution) involved in solid waste management
  3. Other visitors from overseas (including those non-Japanese speaking foreigners living in Japan) whose tour group involves 
    * For 9participants and less in categories 1. and 2. , applicants are supposed to follow this process. 
    For category 3. where participants are 9and less , application will be accepted by accessing the “Individual Plant Tour” application site for each Incineration Plant.


How the application should be made?

To apply for plant/observation tours of the incineration plants and CHUBO Disposal Facilities(PDF:222KB), application should be completed during 3 months to 2 weeks in advance of the actual tour/observation. Please follow the steps below. Last minute application is not recommended which could result in unavailability to accept application due to heavy bookings or non-operation of facilities due to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance works.


  • Application is not accepted on Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and year-end holidays.
  • Tour hours are from 9:30to 15:00. Tour is free of charge.


  1. Please download the “Tour/Observation Application Form and Participant List ”. Submit the form via e-mail or FAX no later than 2 weeks in advance of the tour/observation date. Application is not accepted over the phone. (When submission of the Form arrives within 2 weeks before the applied day of visit and thereafter, the day of visit should be postponed.)
    * Please note that application via g-mail address is at times automatically rejected due to technical/security reasons for administering the computerized system.
  2. Application form should be completed either in Japanese or English. The completed form should be sent to us either as PDF or FAX. Procedures for the acceptance commence only upon receiving the Form officially.
  3. Tour/observation will be conducted in Japanese by the plant members, therefore one interpreter for up to 15 participants is required. (e.g. 1 interpreter for 1~15 participants, 2nd interpreter required for 16~30 participants, 3rd interpreter required for 31~45 participants…)
  4. Please refer to the linked “List of Facilities and acceptable number of participants” regarding the maximum number of participants. Please understand that we may limit the number of participants due to language communication difficulty and/or safety reasons. 
  5. For tour/observation involving 9 participants and less, please apply directly to each plant. In this case, the group must be accompanied by a Japanese speaker. 
  6. After receiving the application form, the tour/observation request will be coordinated with each facility and an acceptance letter will be e-mailed or faxed in response. (Letter of Acceptance will not be accepted unless the participant list is submitted. Please make sure it reaches us prior to two weeks in advance of the tour/observation.)
  7. On the tour/observation day, please bring the print out of the “Letter of Acceptance” and the participant list. The tour leader should also check the actual attendance against the participant list prior to start of the tour.
  8. In case of changes to the issued Letter of Acceptance, or in case of unavoidable cancellation of the tour/observation, please contact us immediately via email or fax.
  9. For the media use of the tour/observation, a prior application is required. Last minute application is not accepted.The prior application of media use will be liaised with our Public Relations and Human Rights Section, General Affairs Division via International Cooperation Office for Waste Management (the contact below).


Contact for application: 

International Cooperation Office for Waste Management, CAT23


【Address】12th floor, Tokyo Kusei Kaikan, Iidabashi 3-5-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0072, Japan


"Tour/observation Application Form; Participant List (English)"(EXCEL:115KB)

"Tour/observation Application Form; Participant List (English)"(PDF:69KB)

Map of Facilities(PDF:166KB)

Facilities and acceptable number of participants

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